Installation manual     Technical manual     Lumen Report        
Surface mounting-P90/P120/150     Surface mounting-P120     P120/PN120/PAR120 Cool White LM report        
Retrofit mounting-P90/P120     Surface mounting-P90     P120/PN120/PAR120 Blue LM report        
Niche mounting-PN90/PN120     Surface mounting-P150     P90/PN90/PAR90 Cool White LM report        
Retrofit kits-PN90/PN120     Niche mounting-PN120     P90/PN90/PAR90 Warm White LM report        
PAR56 model-PAR90/PAR120     Niche mounting-PN90     P90/PN90/PAR90 Blue LM report    
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SP90/150     PAR56 model-PAR120     SPA50-A Cool White LM report    
Flat PAR56 Mounting-PT90/150     PAR56 model-PAR90     SPA50-A Blue LM report    
Flat Projector-SPT90/150     SP90     SPA50-B Cool White LM report    
Spa light model-SPA50-A/SPA50-B/P150DECO     SP150     SPA50-B Blue LM report        
Marine light model-B6W/B12W     Flat PAR56 Mounting-PT90     P150DECO Cool White LM report    
Marine light model-B3WR/B12WR     Flat PAR56 MountingPT150     P150DECO Blue LM reportt        
R.F remote control device     Flat Projector-SPT90     B12W Cool White LM report        
Salt Chlorinator-MinCell     Flat Projector-SPT150     B12W Blue report        
Salt Chlorinator-SaltCell     Spa light model-SPA50-A     B6W Cool White LM report        
      Spa light model-SPA50-B     B6W BlueLM report        
        Spa light model-P150deco            
        Marine light model-B3W RGB            
        Marine light model-B6W            
        Marine light model-B12W            
        Marine light model-B12W RGB            
        Pool light accessories            

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